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Thomas Felberg


Carrie - - +47 400 50 391

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Thomas Felberg


Carrie - - +47 400 50 391

Thomas Felberg has been engaged in music, shows and entertainment ever since he was a child. He started the band WE in the late 80's, and in 2004 they won the Norwegian Grammy Awards for best rock album – as well as being on top of the charts. 

He's been working with music dissemination for decades. On NRK p3 and NRK P13 radio, and for the last 7 years he's been one of the judges in NRK's success show Stjernekamp. His own show Tidsbonanza has also built a large amount of viewers on NRK1. 

Thomas Felberg has an energy like no others, along with tons of knowledge, humor, self-irony and a very good and profound taste in music. His unique empathy and radiance touches everyone from aged 3 to 100, no matter the event. 

He can warm up any cold room to the boiling point, and so he always does. Book with confidence! 

Thomas is available for booking as a host and presenter, quiz master and moderator, to mention some options. 


(foto: Kristoffer Myhre) 

Management, personal brand strategy and PR, casting, TV-production and booking for private events.  



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