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Maja Lunde


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Maja Lunde


Carrie - - +4740050391

Maja Lunde is one of Norway's greatest International writers. She is the author of the best selling book «Bienes Historie» («The History of Bees») which so far has been sold to 36 countries and won several awards, including the prestigious Bokhandlerprisen.
Maja is an educated media scholar from the University of Oslo and has published books for all groups of age in addition to screenplays for several film and television productions.
The book Bienes historie from 2015 was Lunde's first novel for adults, and a huge International success. Her second novel, Blå, was published in 2017 and has so far been sold to 20 countries. Przewalskis hest (2019) is Lunde's third novel in the planned climate quartet.
The children's book Snøsøsteren (2018) is one of the biggest sales successes in Norwegian bookstores in many decades
Maja is available for lectures and talks, get in touch for even more possibilities. 
Photo: Oda Berby

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