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Andreas Wahl

Rune -  +47 988 72 450


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Andreas Wahl

Rune -  +47 988 72 450


Andreas Wahl is a popular lecturer and host for businesses and conferences. He tours with various science shows and hosts the science based event activity concept «Vanvittig Vitenskap». 

Amongst children Andreas is best known from TV shows for kids, the adults might know him best from Folkeopplysningen, Med livet som innsats and Lyngbø og Hærlands Big Bang (all NRK).  

In 2014 Andreas received the Norwegian Mensa prize for the documentary series «Folkeopplysningen» (NRK) .  

All through 2016 and to spring 2017 he was touring with his show «Elektrisk» (, which in total is seen by more than 11.000 people. 

Andreas has also written three popular science books, and is the co-author of a series of textbooks in science widely used in lower secondary schools.  

He is available for booking.


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We are ANTI Brandpeople, and we stand proudly behind our culture makers. They’re the ones that are doing the stuff that everyone’s talking about. The buzz makers. The influencers. The daring ones. The Brandpeople team challenges the status quo, and reaches out with a strong and unique voice to make lasting impressions. We excel at curating personal brands, building careers, and finding relevant and opportune ways for our clients to be heard. We use our extensive knowledge from international and domestic award winning identity and communication projects to customize and maximize the presence of artists.

Our team manages bookings, product development, content marketing, sponsorships and how to bridge artists and influencers to commercial business. We do PR, social media strategy, media buying, casting and booking for private events. 


ANTI Brandpeople is a part of the multi-diciplinary agency ANTI who offer creative solutions to world wide brands.  ANTI works within the fields of design, communication, advertising, TV and content production.



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